Sonepur in Odisha : Authenticity of History & Culture

Sonepur is a small district of Western Odisha. The city is also known as Subarnapur. According to the census in 2001, the population of Sonepur was approximately 75,000 and the district has grown rapidly by increasing its population to 6,78,000 in 2020. There are many political headquarters of Western Odisha present in Sonepur. The city covers a total area of 2284.89 sq. kms.

Lankeswari Temple, Sonepur

Features and Attractions

This place is famous for its rich history, heritage, architecture and temples. People loves to travel to Sonepur because of beautiful natural scenery and clean environment. Sonepur is famous for its ancient temples. Shree Kapileshwar Temple charda, Maa Chardei Temple, Gundicha / Jagannath Temple, Khambeswari Temple, Paschima Somanath Temple, Ramachandi Temple, Samaleswari Temple, Sureswari Temple, Subarnameru Temple are some famous temples of Sonepur. Some famous accommodations of Sonepur are Jatrinivas Subarnapur, Hotel Progress Inn, Hotel Kasturi and Prabhas Lodge.

Mahanadi River, Sonepur

Sonepur is called as second Varanasi and Allahabad. It is known to be similar to Varanasi because of the presence of historical temple and astounding architecture. It is also known to be similar to Allahabad because of the presence of adjoining of three rivers which are Mahanadi, Sukhtel and Tel. Sonepur is famous for its terracotta, handloom, silk and prawns. Some famous tourist attractions are Patali Srikhetra, Rameswar Temple, Papakshya Ghata, Lankeshwar Temple and much more.

How to Travel

People can reach to Sonepur via air, train and road. The nearest airport is Bhubaneshwar airport which is 276 kms away from Sonepur. To travel by train, the nearest railways station is Balangir which is 50 kms away. People prefer to travel via train more than to travel by air because the airport is much far away from Sonepur than the railway station. Sonepur is 275 kms away from Bhubaneshwar from highway NH 55. A new airport has been constructed in Jharsuguda named as VSS airport which made easy for people to reach Sonepur.

The Rich History of Sonepur

Sonepur is part of Sabarnapur which was earlier known as Swarnapur. Sonepur was ruled by many different dynasties since early 880 A.D. The district was a part of Khinjali Mandal which was ruled by the Bhanjas. They were ruling Swarnapur as a part of the Bhaumakaras who were belonged to Toshali. Many rulers occupied the region and ruled over Swarnapur for several years like Janmajaya I, the ruler of Somovamsi ruled the region for 35 years which was from 880-885 A.D. The ruler Janmajaya I established the kingdom of Suvarnapur. Later the Somovamsi kingdom got extended and then it was divided into two parts by the Yayati-II ruler in 1023-1040 A.D. In 1605-1630 A.D, Balabhadradeva occupied the region of Sonepur from the ruler of Bhanjas. In 1070 A.D, the Telgu Chodas occupied the region of Suvarnapur from the Somvamsi kingdom and ruled for over 45 years. The Kalachuris occupied the region from the Telgu Chodas in 1113 A.D and ruled over Suvarnapura. The Kalachuris ruled over Suvarnapura for the longest time which was 100 years. In 1211 A.D, the region was occupied by the Anangabhimadeva-III who was belonged to the Imperial Ganga Monarch. He ruled the region of Suvarnapura till 1238 A.D. The Bhanjas established Sonepur as their capital but due to the expansionist policy, they shifted it to the Boudh.

Patali Shrikhetra, Sonepur

The Chouhan rule was founded in Patnagarh which is now the Bolangir district. It was established by Ramai Deo. A part of the family of the Chouhan rulers established themselves in the Sambalpur district. In 1605 A.D Balabhadradeva occupied the region of Sonepur from the Bhanjas. Since the Chauhan rulers ruled over the region of Sonepur till it emerged with the province of Orissa in 1948. Sonepur also became the sub-division of Bolangir District.

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