Sambalpur – A city in Odisha with Cultural Diversity

Sambalpur is the 5th largest city in Orissa, which is quite popular due to its ancient history, wide cultural diversity, as well as beauty that lies on the banks of the Mahanadi River. The city holds a unique place in terms of its strong associations with the tribe and folk communities that have been knit together in the region for centuries. These cultural identities could be foreseen in their clothing, festivals, songs, languages, dances, as well as the associations within the region, which makes the region quite unique in India. Hence, the study focuses on assessing its key unique aspects.


Nukhai is the most important social festival of Sambalpur, which generally takes place in the month of August and September that is celebrated by every Hindu family. Rath Jatra is held at every corner of Sambalpur, while during Makara Jatra, a fair is held at Themra.


The language used in Sambalpur is Sambalpuri, which is an Indo-Aryan language variety spoken in the region. The locals find huge differences in the Sambalpuri and Oriya language.


There are various forms of dances where Sambalpuri Dance is the most famous folk dance in the Western region of Orissa. In terms of music, the locals use the Sambalpuri Madal, which is made up with fired clay in a cylindrical shape.


The famous architecture of Sambalpur attracts people from all over the world. This includes the Hirakud dam, The Leaning Temple of Shiva (Huma), along with the VSS Medical College of Orissa. Its uniqueness is being highlighted by the temples built by the Chauhan rulers from the thirteenth century. Moreover, the natural beauty of this place also makes it quite a unique spot for tourist attraction, especially the regions such as the Gudguda Waterfall, which is one of the most popular Picnic Spots in Sambalpur.


In addition to the factors stated above, the region of Sambalpur is also famous for the famous people that include Satya Narayan Bohidar, Bhagirathi Nepak, Jitendra Haripal, as well as Haldhar Nag.


Sambalpur is quite famous for its temples, which includes a lot of details in its architecture. The usage of dhol during the Aartis is also quite famous and attracts a lot of local and foreigner visits from different parts of the world. This is quite associated with the Kalinga architectural style, which is quite popular as it flourished in the ancient Kalinga region. The famous temples in Sambalpur include Ghanteswari Temple, as well as Samaleswari Temple.

samleshpuri temple
Samleswari Temple, Sambalpur

Sambalpuri Day is celebrated as a paddy harvesting festival, which normally takes place in the months of August and September. The first grains of the paddy crop are being cooked into various tasty dishes and desserts and are being served to the respective deities as an offering and then is distributed to family and friends. This is one of the most popular days in the Sambalpur region, which holds its own cultural significance.

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