Harishankar : A Temple on the Slopes of Gandhamardan Hill in Western Odisha

Shri Harishankar Temple is one of the most prominent temples of India which is situated in Balangir, near Bhubaneshwar. This temple is the most renowned temple of Odisha because it glorifies the divine bond of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The temple is located in the southern part of the Gandhamardhan hills.

The state of Shri Harishankar Temple

Odisha is one of the most beautiful state of India. Shri Harishankar temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Odisha.

It is situated in the Eastern part of India consisting large number of populations which majorly consists of people from tribal groups and community. In terms of population, Odisha ranks on the 11th place among Indian states. It also covers a large area of land and ranks as the 4th largest state of the country. According to the HDI (Human Development Index), the state ranks on the 32nd place in India. It is popular for its history and heritage, ancient temples, architecture, old monuments, beautiful nature, diverse variety of flora and fauna and tribal villages. Odisha has many famous cities and towns as its tourist destination.

The Temple city of India

One of the most famous tourist destinations of Odisha is Bhubaneshwar. It is also known as the temple city of India. Bhubaneshwar is famous for its great designs of architecture, beautiful scenery, clear environment, famous temples and its rich history and heritage. The most famous temples of India like the Parasurameswara temple and the Lingaraj temple are situated in Bhubaneshwar. Shri Harishankar temple is located near Bhubaneshwar.


Balangir also known as Bolangir, is a small district situated in the Western Odisha in India. The rural land is comprised of prime headquarters and government offices of the state and is known as the municipal city of Odisha. Balangir is popular for its heritage and culture, tradition and history, ancient temples and buildings, traditional art and folk dance, beautiful and pleasant scenery. The presence of wide variety of delightful flora and fauna makes it a very beautiful and pleasant city. Shri Harishankar temple is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Balangir.

Mode of Travel

People can travel to the Harishankar temple by air, train and road. To travel by air, the nearest airport to the temple is Biju Pattnaik International Airport and Swami Vivekanand International Airport. To travel by train, the nearest railway station is 32 kms away from the temple located at the Harishankar road. From railway station to the hotels or temple, people travel via cabs and buses. To travel via road, one can travel by bus or a cab. Transportation is quite cheap in the district of Balangir. The Harishankar temple is 80 kms away from the Balangir district.

Hotels and Resorts

Shri Harishankar temple is a famous tourist spot of Balangir. People who visit Bhubaneshwar or Balangir make sure to visit the Harishankar temple to experience the supreme power of Lord Harishankar and the versatile beauty of nature. In Harishankar and Balangir, the major amount of revenue is generated from the tourism industry. A lot of hotels and resorts have been developed near the Harishankar temple. Some famous hotels near the temple are Hotel Timilia, Panthnivas Keonjhar, Kumar Hilife, Hotel Shreekshetra International, Hotel Aastha Rourkela, Radhika Regency, Mayfair Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Prince, The Central Park Boutique Hotel, Hotel Anurag, Deepti Courtyard, The Regency Inn, Hotel Kanisshk Inn, Hotel Saffron Suites and Hotel Lucky India. Due to the tourism industry, the city of Balangir has been well developed and flourished.

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